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Cultural View

The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggle.

The human condition:
The struggle for humanity

We must ask questions of ourselves, such as what does it mean to be human and what is the obligation of the state to the citizens and the citizens obligations to it.

We all know the state of the current human condition . . . when we look around the world the injustice of the criminal global macroeconomics system is evident. Everywhere we look we see lack of just socio-economic development and in many instances, whole peoples face catastrophic poltical economic collapse. 

All of this is further irritated by the many political and generic differences of the two major socio-political systems. 

If we fail to take socialism moving toward communism the people of our planet will continue to be dehumanized by the bestial cliques of the monopoly capitalists and their flunkies in several political and socio-economic theaters. 

Life is struggle

This is the faux calm before the storm. In every aspect of life, forward progress requires struggle. It can truly be said to the world, as Kwame Nkrumah said to the African world's demographic, the secret to life is to have no fear.

That can be adopted to apply to all of us!


"We have emphasised the passages in this eloquent tirade that most clearly show the author’s incorrect judgement of our plan, as well as the incorrectness of his point of view in general, which is here contraposed to that of Iskra. Unless we train strong political organisations in the localities, even an excellently organised all-Russia newspaper will be of no avail. This is incontrovertible. But the whole point is that there is no other way of training strong political organisations except through the medium of an all-Russia newspaper. "

What is to be done?
Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

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