What is the relationship between science, technology and society

Understanding the importance of science and technology for society is fundamental to both development and advancement. Technology is actually a division of science, a division which influences society and daily social interactions at every level. From educational technology, communications technology and information technology to retail technology, investment technology, healthcare information technology, there is always something new in tech news.

This site looks at the cultural artifacts of the science and technologies that are rapidly and unalterably changing and enhancing our society. Here you will find videos that demonstrate the many cultural and social possibilities introduced by these changes as well as provide instructive tools to help you achieve competency in various applications.

The videos below provide a quick look at some of today's technology trends:

Impact of Technology on Society and Culture

TEDx Talk: Technology is Culture

New Culture Technology, 2016

How Culture and Technology Create One Another

Top 10 Most Anticipated Tech Products of 2016